Things You Need To Know About Deep Cleaning

Dental cleaning at dentist’s office is something you may be quite familiar of. At the dentist’s office, you may wonder if you hear about deep cleaning. If your dentist suggest you to get a deep cleaning, you may ask if there is any other type of cleaning required if you have been serious about your daily dental hygiene and the regular cleaning during every dental visit.

Well, these are the worth answering questions.

What is deep cleaning?

When you go to the dentist for cleaning, you get the upper layer, or enamel, of your teeth cleaned. This process involves removal of plaque and tartar from the enamel in order to bring whiteness to the teeth. Regular cleaning is done on the surface which lies outside the gum line.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves cleaning of the part of the teeth which lies under the gum line. This process is also known as ‘scaling and root planing’. It is also called periodontal therapy because it ultimately cures gums and the jawbone.

Reason to go for deep cleaning

Before we tell about deep cleaning, it is worth mentioning what a periodontal disease it. Generally speaking, it is the gum infection due to bacterial misbalance. One thing that you need to know here is that periodontal disease can develop in any one. The rule of thumb is that this disease basically develops in the persons with poor oral hygiene. However, there is still great chance for this disease to occur even if you brush and floss in a way you should.

The major reason is that we often leave spots where bacteria can have their influence. Normally, these ‘hidden’ spots are the places pretty close to the gum line. When bacteria infect this area, the infection can find its way to seep through the gum line and start making a mess of the internal part of the tooth.

In the initial stages, you can still get your teeth cleaned well without going through the periodontal surgical cleaning process if you see your dentist right on time.

Deep cleaning is a complete procedure, not an extra

Although your dentist may check for the pockets and their depth under the gum line, deep cleaning is not a part of the regular cleaning your dentist may offer.  However, you will be able to know preventive measures to avoid therapy if you visit your dentist regularly, and that is what you need to ensure at first place.

When bacterial infection seeps into the gum line, it doesn’t pose serious risk to your oral health. There are several serious and life threatening diseases which can develop if you ignore it. Hence, you need to make sure that you visit your dentist on biannual basis in order to prevent anything worse.

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